About Girls Service League, Inc.

Girls Service League is a Fort Worth, Texas, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization focused on empowering young women through college scholarships. Since 1919, we have been blazing a trail to help thousands of young women by investing in their futures. And, since 1978, we’ve provided over $2,000,000 in college scholarships to our area's future leaders, helping young women as they pursue their life, career, and education aspirations.


Girls' Protective Association is created and eventually becomes a part of the Fort Worth Welfare Association.


The organization changes its name to the Girls' Service League.


GSL provided residential homes and schooling for young girls. They also provided home for working women.


By 1979, all properties held by GSL - including 2 residential homes for girls as young as 12 to attend school, and where older women were employed - were sold.


Girls Service League celebrates 100 years with a reception at Thistle Hill - the only original residential house still standing.


GSL continues to empower young women, having helped thousands since inception, and providing over $2million in college scholarships since 1978.

Girls Service League, Inc. Board of Directors


Paula Snider

Michielle Benson

Judy Albright

Claudia Coggin

Nancy McCauley

Willette Lawsha

Phyllis Burton-Jenkins

Evette Brazzile

Karen Wiggins

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