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Celebrating Over 100 Years of Service

2016 Honorary Members Jane Harakal, Margaret Prud'homme,
Virginia Taggart (standing in for Virginia is Sue Nivens)
and Past Membership Chair Elizabeth Davis-Lydia

Membership fees start at $40.00 per year with a $5.00 application processing fee.

Honorary Memberships - (awarded for time and service)
Active Members
Sustaining Memberships

Membership open to women wanting to make a contribution to enhancing the lives and status of women in Texas.


By-Laws Committee
Finance Committee
Hospitality Committee
Membership Committee
Nominating Committee
Public Relations Committee
Projects Committee
Screening Committee

We welcome new members to learn more about our organization by participating on a committee.

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Serving higher education needs
for women in the State of Texas.

Recipient counties server are:
Johnson County
Parker County
Tarrant County

Texas Map



New 2019-2020 GSL Recipients

The 2019-2020 application process will begin in January 2019. An announcement will be posted on our web site in October 2018 that will include instructions for completing the application process, the application and required documents.

You must be a U.S. citizen to apply with minimum one (1) year residency in Johnson, Parker or Tarrant counties to attend 2 to 4-year colleges and universities within the state of Texas. Please refer to the October announcement for full requirements listing.


Ten little members standing in a line.
One disliked the President, then there were nine.
Nine ambitious members offered to work late
One forgot her promise, then there were eight.
Eight creative members had ideas good as heaven,
one lost enthusiasm, then there were seven.
Seven loyal members got into a fix,
They quarreled over programs and then there were six.
One dropped out, and then there were five,
Four cheerful members who never disagree,
Till one complained of meetings, then there three.
Three eager members; what do they do?
Two lonely members; our rhyme is nearly done,
One joined a bridge club, then there was one.
One faithful member was feeling rather blue,
Met with a neighbor, and then there were two.
Two earnest members each enrolled one more,
Doubling their numbers, then there were four.
Four determined members just couldn't wait 'til
Each won another, and there were eight!
Eight excited members signed up sixteen more,
In another six verses, there'll be a thousand twenty-four!

(Originally printed in the Fuchsia Fan and reprinted in May-June issue of
California GOLDEN GARDENS - courtesy of Marella Burg)

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