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Celebrating Over 96 Years of Service
The Girls' Service League is a 501(c)3 organization offering college scholarships to women in Johnson, Parker and Tarrant County, Texas. The scholarships range from $500.00 to $1,500.00 for two to four year institutions. At this time we do not fund trade or vocational schools.

The Girls' Service League, Inc. evolved from a committee formed during World War I, called the Girls' Protective League, by sixteen dedicated women lead by John G. Waples, William Bohning, R. E. Buchanan, Warren Collins, Mary A. Drake, C.O. Edwards, Miss Zilla Garrett, D. F. Hornsby, Miss Rose Howard, Chalmers Hutchison, Theodore Mack, C. A. O'Keefe, W. D. Reynolds, William J. Rush, Charles Scheuber, E. L. White, and John W. Wray.
Past Presidents Board of Directors
Zilla Garrett * 1919-1925
Mrs. R.W. Fender * 1926-1926
Lila Lilly * 1927-1958
Olive McCame * 1958-1959
Mrs. Tom B. Bond * 1959-1960
Pat Miller * 1960-1963
Aleene Worley * 1963-1965
Kay McKeown * 1965-1971
Jinx Anthony * 1971-1973
Pat Hayward 1973-1975
Betty Adams 1975-1977
Nancy Lott 1977-1979
Anna Marie Scott * 1979-1981
Marjorie Young * 1981-1983
Virginia Lane * 1983-1985
Frances Heaberg 1985-1987
Edythe Melden * 1987-1988
Virginia Lane * 1988-1990
Vermelee Koenig * 1990-1992
Debbi McBrath 1992-1994
Peg Keith * 1994-1999
Teri Harse 1999-2001
Jane Harkal 2001-2005
Debbi McGrath 2005-2009
Jane Harakal 2009-2013
Paula Snider 2013-2015
Terri Harse                         2015-present
* Deceased

      President Terri Harse
    1st Vice President Judy Albright
    2nd Vice President League Project Chair Gloria Moore Houston
    3rd Vice President    
Membership & Yearbook Chair
Claudia Coggin (Interim)
    Secretary Georgia McCraken
    Treasurer Shirley Harden
    Immediate Past President Paula Snider
    Parliamentarian Jane Harakal
  Appointed Directors:  
    Director of Educational Grants Paula Snider
    Assistant Director of Educational Grants Sue Nivens
    Chaplain Jeanette Simcox
Calendar of Events

Annual Events:
Honorary Luncheon
Annual June Brunch/Officer Installation
Annual Holiday Celebration
Contact us for upcoming events, dates, and locations at 817-738-9092 or
send a request.

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     We are located at:
          4528 W. Vickery Blvd., Suite 104
          Fort Worth, Texas 76107

          Office: (817) 738-9092

Girls Service League, Inc. | 4528 W. Vickery Blvd. | Suite 104 | Fort Worth, Texas 76107
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Office hours: Tuesday - Thursday 9:00am to 3:00pm, Monday and Friday by appointment only